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Guide on Accepting Foreign Banknotes 

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Ameriabank accepts only the following foreign (issued by another country or a group of countries) banknotes: US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British pounds sterling (GBP), Swiss francs (CHF), Canadian dollars (CAD), Russian rubles (RUB) and Australian dollars (AUD). Ameriabank accepts only the notes meeting the below specified criteria.


Foreign banknotes are considered to be valid but worn out if:


  • They are damaged (have tears 0.5 cm and more in length).
  • They are mutilated but over 80% of the total surface has been preserved (more than 80 of the total banknote area is complete). 

  • They have corners or other parts joined together by glue or tape, or otherwise. 
  • They are stained, contain graffiti (such as digits, lettering on any part of the banknote that does not have images, including those visible under UV).

  • They have more than 4 marks of stamps and seals (not exceeding 3 cm) on the reverse side and more than 2 small marks on the face.
  • The graffiti on the banknotes is over 1.5 cm in size.
  • There are 5 small or needle-size holes. 
  • They are perforated.
  • They are US dollar banknotes printed before 1995 (inclusive).


Ameriabank buys worn out banknotes at the rates effective at the time of purchase. 


Foreign banknotes are considered fit if: 

  • The core features are preserved (name of the issuer, serial number of the note, denomination in figures and words, main image on the face and the back).
  • The security features are intact (such as magnetic marks, embedded color fibers, including the fibers visible under UV, embedded iridescent stripes, security threads, micro-printing, etc.).
  • The banknote is not damaged, there are no signs of scraping or deleting of the details.


Banknotes are not fit for purchase or exchange if: 


  • They are faded or dyed.
  • They are affected by heat, chemical damage or moisture.
  • 80% of the full banknote is not complete.


The banknotes are considered to be invalid if: 

  • There are visible signs that the security features (hologram (kinegram) stripes, patch, embedded security threads, etc.) have been deliberately removed.
  • The part containing the hologram is missing, irrespective of whether 80% of the banknote is preserved or not. 

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