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Ameria Phone Banking

Ameria Phone Banking is a distance banking tool enabling clients to bank from any place of the world without visiting the bank.

To activate this service, you just need to visit the Bank and sign the agreement. Then an SMS with Ameria Phone Banking password will be sent to the mobile number indicated by you.

This service enables you to make the following transactions by phone within the specified limits:



Transaction Limit (AMD or foreign currency equivalent)


Information on account



Setting transaction value and currency for FX transactions



Transfers between client’s accounts with Ameriabank

Up to AMD 10,000,000


Transfers between the client’s and third parties’ accounts with Ameriabank

Up to AMD 10,000,000 


Non-cash FX transactions

Up to AMD 10,000,000 


Transfers to other Armenian banks if the client has previously made the same transfer

Up to AMD 5,000,000


Transfers to other Armenian banks if the client makes the transfer for the first time

Up to AMD 3,000,000


International transfers 

Maximum AMD 2,000,000 a day


Utility payments

Up to AMD 1,000,000



Executed transactions are reflected in the client’s account statement.



You can use phone banking also for:

  • Receiving information about your current accounts, account balances, agreements executed between you and the bank and available services
  • Setting value and exchange rate for FX transactions with the bank beforehand

Account-related operations

  • Opening new account for an account holder client
  • Closing separate account (other than the client’s last account)
  • Freezing, unfreezing of account and other actions related to account management

Payment card-related operations

  • Ordering payment cards
  • Reissuing, closing payment cards
  • Card blocking, unblocking
  • Transaction disputing
  • Changing transaction limits and restrictions
  • Activating/deactivating VBV service and other servicing-related actions

Deposit-related operations

  • Making new deposits
  • Topping-up current deposits
  • Withdrawing deposit amount


  • Making partial loan repayments before the due date
  • Cancelling orders to the bank
  • Changing orders given to the bank by phone banking
  • Editing the client’s data registered at the bank (except for phone number) 

Operational days:

  • Monday-Friday: 09:00-20:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-16:00


Payment orders through Ameria Phone Banking






Before 02:00p.m.

The same banking day

After 02:00p.m.

Following banking day


Before 05:00p.m.

The same banking day

After 05:00p.m.

Following banking day


Before 04:00p.m.

The same banking day

After 04:00p.m.

Following banking day


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