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Please be informed that Ameriabank offers a grace period on the principal amount and interest on credit obligations*, if the regular payment to be made during the given month hasn’t been made or has been made partially. The offer is valid until March 31, 2021, and is open to the bank customers from the following groups: 

  • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs running their business or registered in Artsakh, as well as individuals actually resident in Artsakh, 
  • Other individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs having their center of vital interests in Artsakh .

Please be informed that this offer applies only to those agreements of the specified customers that have no overdue obligations, or any overdue obligations originated in February. The grace period will be applicable as follows below:

  • The interest, the service fees and the principal payable under the agreement in case of obligations payable under certain repayment schedule will be redistributed over the remaining period.
  • The interest and service fees under the overdraft and line of credit agreements will be redistributed over the remaining period, while the outstanding principal amount will not be redistributed.

If you are interested in this offer, you should provide proof of eligibility satisfactory to the Bank or other solid evidence (unless you have already provided such documents to the Bank, in which case you don’t have to file them for the second time. If you don’t notify the Bank in writing about refusal to use the offer, the conditions specified in the offer will apply to the eligible customers as specified in the offer).

For additional information, please, call +374 10 561111.
Any actions aimed at the acceptance of this public offer or ensuring that the conditions defined herein are met will be considered acceptance of all the conditions specified in this offer.
* For the purpose of this offer, whether or not the center of vital interests is in Artsakh is determined by the Bank. If you would like to check if you qualify for the specified criteria, please contact the Bank.
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