Request for Proposals for development and implementation of an Internal-rating/scoring model of borrowers applicable for the calculation of reserves under IFRS 9
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1. About the RFP

1.1. The Request for Proposal is issued for inviting proposals (Technical and Commercial Bids) for consulting support for the development and implementation of an Internal-rating model of borrowers applicable for the calculation of reserves under IFRS 9 in Ameriabank. 

1.2. A vendor submitting the proposal in response to this RFP shall hereinafter be referred to as “Bidder /Vendor/Consultant” interchangeably.

1.3. The RFP document is neither an offer letter nor a legal contract, but an invitation for offers /responses. No contractual obligation on behalf of Ameriabank whatsoever shall arise from the RFP process unless and until a formal contract is signed and executed by duly authorized officers of Ameriabank and the successful bidder.

1.4. The purpose of this RFP is to provide the Bidders with information to assist the formulation of their proposals.

1.5. The Bank has no obligation to accept any or the lowest quote. The bank reserves the right to cancel the RFP at any point of time.

1.6. All offers of the bidders shall be unconditional and once accepted whether with or without modifications by the Bank shall be binding between the Bank and such Bidder.

1.7. However, this is a binding document between Bank and respondents till the completion of selection process and notification of award and till a contract is signed between Bank and the Vendor in the process in case both parties initiate and expedite certain actions pending the execution of a contract.

1.8. The Bank may modify any of the terms of this RFP and shall be entitled to award the contract to a selected bidder with / without modification of any conditions contained herein.

1.9. This RFP does not claim to contain all the information each Bidder require. Each Bidder may conduct its own independent investigations and analysis and is free to check the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information in this RFP.

1.10. Proposals will be evaluated based on the combined score of the best technical proposal (including timeline) and the lowest financial proposal. 

1.11. The Combined technical and financial proposal should be valid for period of 90 (ninety) days from the proposals submission deadline.

1.12. The last date for the receipt of proposals responding to the RFP is 31.08.2020.

1.13. Proposals must be submitted to the following address:

1.14. Proposal shall be signed by authorized person of the bidder and submitted in Pdf format.


2. About Ameriabank

Ameria Group of Companies is one of the leading financial groups in the Armenian market providing a wide range of financial and advisory services. The Group renders fundamental and comprehensive financial services to clients representing almost all the sectors of the social and economic activity in Armenia and the region.

"Ameriabank" CJSC is a universal bank offering corporate, investment and retail banking services in a comprehensive package of banking Solutions. Ameriabank is one of the most dynamic banks in Armenia and ranked among the country's most stable financial institutions.

An individual approach to each client, innovation, and high professionalism and experience attained by joint efforts of the united team are the underlying basis of our activity.  

Today, being the most rapidly growing Bank in the Armenian market and a financial institution offering the most advanced banking Solutions, Ameriabank, at the same time, is one of the oldest banks operating in Armenia.



3. Objective, Tasks and Deliverables

3.1. Objective

The Bank seeks to appoint a Consultant, which will provide technical knowledge, project management support; functional design and assistance for the implementation of new Internal-rating/scoring model of borrowers comply with International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9).

3.2. Tasks and scope of work

In pursuing the above objectives, the Consultant will (as a minimum) provide:

  • Design and development of methodology of internal credit rating/scoring based model of borrowers, which will comply with IFRS 9 ECL calculations methodology. 
  • Accordingly, provide detailed appropriate models for Expected Credit Loss calculation highlighting the key components (Probability of Default (“PD”), Exposure at Default (“EAD”), Loss Given Default (“LGD”); Provide detailed recommendations on converting Through-the-Cycle PD/rating to an IFRS9 compliant Point-in-time PD term structure.
  • Provide the development of forward-looking macroeconomic scenario to  incorporate into ECL and impairment measurement process to meet IFRS9 requirements; 
  • Provide the appropriate models documentation; 
  • Support during the initial validation of the developed model, Provide training during implementation and final handover training.

3.3. Deliverables

  • Project roadmap and outline
  • A Draft Report containing a summary of the Consultant’s findings, recommendations, results, methodologies and models following its execution of the tasks listed above.  
  • A Final Report containing the elements of the Draft Report updated / responding to  all comments and corrections made by the Bank team.
  • Business and Technical requirements document on IT solution to ensure automation of implemented processes, calculations and reports. Recommendation report on the proposed approach and alternatives for automation (in-house, 3rd party including potential vendors)
  • Trainings for Bank team on the new processes, methodologies and approaches.


4. Requirements for Technical and Commercial (financial) proposal 

4.1. Technical proposal shall include:

4.1.1. A methodology and approach to project implementation, including timeline, proposed project stages

4.1.2. The information on the team to be involved by Consultant: CVs, information on the experience on a similar project, roles and responsibility in those projects.

4.1.3. References to recent projects: The Bidder shall provide the list of references to recent projects on development and implementation of an Internal-rating/Scoring model of borrowers including:

  • Name of client
  • Location
  • Scope of project (tasks and deliverables)
  • Implementation time
  • Contacts of responsible person
  • Other details of the project or references to public available case studies or white papers.

The bank could contact any of referred client during proposal evaluation stage.

4.2. Commercial (financial) proposal

4.2.1. The commercial proposal shall include all costs related with implementation of assignment structure by stages and components. Each stage component shall include information on

  • Name of Experts involved
  • Category /Role/ Job Title of Expert (f. e. project management, consulting, business analysis, training, etc.)
  • Daily Fee/Rate in AMD including all applicable local taxes
  • Total amount for the stage/component including all applicable local taxes
  • Total amount for the project including all applicable local taxes.

4.2.2. The presented commercial offer shall include/cover all travel, accommodation and any other project related expenses.

4.2.3. The proposed commercial offer shall be considered as lump sum and maximum costs for this assignment even if any requirements of the Bank after detailed gap analyses should be ensured with additional activities. 

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