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Ameriabank goes on expanding its retail toolkit with new and interesting offers, ensuring more simple and flexible terms of servicing.

The bank has improved the fees and rates for retail banking services in terms of their competitiveness. Internet-banking fees and rates have become more affordable with the main stress on further development of distant-banking systems.

Given the territorial specifics, differentiated approach was demonstrated towards development of fees and rates for Yerevan-based and regional branches. Due to this more affordable terms and conditions were defined for clients in the regions.

Ameriabank improved also the terms of payment card provision, by segregating cards into debit and credit cards.

From May 1, 2013 Ameriabank offers a new "Ameria" deposit. This unprecedented offer of Ameriabank comes to break all stereotypes regarding the ready-made deposits.

From now on Ameria deposit introduced by Ameriabank enables you to cast aside traditional depositing methods and build the deposit on the terms and conditions most acceptable for you, with no limitations regarding the choice among the available deposit products. Ameria deposit combines all benefits of deposits previously offered by the bank and offers new opportunities, particularly, higher interest rates for AMD deposits, opportunity to receive a credit line on card in the amount of up to 30% of the deposit at the interest rate defined for the deposit.

In addition, Ameriabank initiated a special SME lending campaign which will be valid from May 15, 2013 through June 28, 2013. This "Fast and Simple" package is envisaged for SMEs requiring financing within AMD 5 million to AMD 50 million range. Application handling period will make only 2 days with minimum documents required. The package thus has a number of advantages, including free loan servicing, insurance and appraisal of pledged real estate at the bank’s expense, provision of VISA/MC Business and/or Gold international credit cards with no additional pledge required.

On May 22, 2013, Ameriabank is launching a special campaign "Attract and Earn" designed for individuals who will recommend to SMEs to use Ameriabank’s "Fast and Simple" package. Anyone may apply to Ameriabank to get "recommendation tickets" to share them among his relatives and friends. As a result, if an SME having applied to Ameriabank with the mentioned ticket gets financing, Ameriabank will open for the recommender an account in paper gold as a reward. In the event of financing in the amount of AMD 5-12 million or foreign currency equivalent, the account in paper gold will be credited with 1 g. paper gold. If the amount of loan makes AMD 12-50 million or foreign currency equivalent, the account in paper gold will be credited with 2 g. paper gold.


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