Prominent international asset manager to share his experience in Armenia
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On 19 April 2013, Robert von Rekowsky will visit Armenia. Mr. von Rekowsky has over 23 years of experience in global asset management. During his visit to Armenia this month R. von Rekowsky will meet and share his rich experience with Armenian businessmen.

Apart from being an Independent Member of the Board of Directors of Ameriabank, Robert von Rekowsky is vice-president of Emerging Markets Strategy, supporting the emerging market equity and fixed-income teams for Fidelity Investments, a major global financial services company with about 1.4 trillion USD of assets under management as of December 2012.

In response to the question about the reasons for his interest in Armenia and, particularly, the Armenian company, Ameriabank, R. von Rekowsky said: ‘My interest in an Armenian company comes from a few different sources. First, I have a cultural affinity to Armenia, as my mother’s side of the family is Armenian. Secondly, I first traveled to Armenia in 2002, when I was a Coordination Board member for the Armenia 2020 project. Through my work on that project, my personal interest in Armenia grew and my experience with fellow Board members was highly rewarding. Lastly, I have been an emerging markets investment professional for 20 years and I have experience in both bond and equity markets. I was very happy to be offered the opportunity to combine my personal connection and interests in Armenia with my professional experience in actually working hands-on with a leading Armenian company providing a full array of financial services to the country’.

Before he was promoted to his current role, R. von Rekowsky managed several institutional and retail emerging market equity funds for U.S., Canadian and other international investors for a decade. Amongst his other affiliations, he is a member of the Boston Committee on Foreign Relations, Boston Economic Club and World Boston.

In response to the question about the implications of an independent board member position and the difference between ordinary and independent board member, R. von Rekowsky said: ‘There are a few differences between being an independent Board member and an ordinary Board member. Most ordinary Board members are comprised of employees of the Company, including key executive positions. Independent Board members are not employed by the Company and they are not involved in day-to-day management operations, and so they can provide a different perspective on issues brought before the Board. Independent Board members also have a responsibility to consider actions taken or proposed by management from the perspective of what is best for shareholders’.

As regards his role in running Ameriabank, R. v. Rekowsky said: ‘Having analyzed and invested in hundreds of companies across the emerging markets universe -- from Latin America, to Eastern Europe and Africa and to Asia -- I hope to bring an understanding of best practices in terms of corporate governance and business opportunities. I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and look forward to my active participation’.

Now R. v. Rekowsky has brought his extensive global expertise and influence to share with the management team of Ameriabank and have his input in Armenia.
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