Ameriabank running “Value the Money” campaign
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Ameriabank kicks off “Value the Money” new deposit campaign for individuals.

Back in 2010, the bank launched a similar campaign generating great attention and enthusiasm among the public.

The newly launched campaign will be effective until December 30. According to the terms of the new deposit product, the depositor’s revenue will not take the form of traditional interest. Instead, the revenue will be equal to the difference between the deposited funds and the amount receivable in a year.

The annual value of money is calculated for the different currencies separately. Thus, USD 100 costs USD 93.68, EUR 100 costs EUR 94.71, and AMD 100,000 costs AMD 90.326. The depositors will have an opportunitiy to receive their revenue, i.e. the difference between the amount receivable in a year, and the deposited amount, at the very moment they are making the deposit. The estimated revenue actually comprises the annual percentage yield since all the taxes are already deducted pursuant to the tax laws.

“Value the Money” deposit creates new opportunities for the depositors, such as receipt of a payment card with no annual service fee for 2 years, as well as lines of credit on cards, either with a grace period or amortization schedule.

Ameriabank is committed to the development of new propositions to individuals and implementation of flexible fee approach. Growing public trust coupled with increasing range of time deposits offered to individuals boosts deposit volumes in Ameriabank. The volume of the bank’s time deposits during the past 9 months increased by 27% Y-o-Y and by 24% vs. the beginning of the year, totaling AMD 42 bn as of September 30, 2012.
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