C-bond publishes rating of Armenian underwriters
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Ameriabank successfully placing three issues of AMD bonds of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) covered 42.1% of the market and held the 1st position by these indicators. The yield of the first issue of EBRD bonds placed on July 29, 2015 was 17%, with the issuing volume of AMD 2 billion, nominal value of 10 thousand AMD each and the coupon payments made once in a year. The yield of the second issue placed on August 10, 2015 totaled 14.5%, the issuing volume, nominal value of one bond are the same as of the first issue, while the term of the coupon payment is made once in 6 months. The yield of the third issue, placed on February 1, 2016 was formed at the level of 11,7828%, the issuing volume, nominal value of one bond and term of turnover are the same as of the second issue.

ArmSwissBank, which specializes on investment banking, holds the 2nd position. It successfully placed three issues of its own USD bonds at 10 mln USD, and covered 33.53% of the market. The terms of all the three issues are the same: nominal value of USD 1,000, coupon payments made quarterly, while the issuing volume is different-2 bln USD, 3 bln USD and 5 bln USD.

Araratbank holds the 3rd position, which placed its 9th and 10th issues of USD bonds for 4 mln USD and covered 13.41% of the market. Araratbank itself acted as the organizer of the issue, and Renesa Investment Company was market maker. The terms of the 9th and 10th issues of Araratbank coupon bonds made on May 5 and November 25, 2015 respectively, are the same: issuing volume-2 mln USD, nominal value of one bond-25 USD, and coupon payments made quarterly.

Capital Investments (Armenia) Investment Company hold the 4th place.It placed first two issues of USD and AMD bonds of "LOAN PORTFOLIO SECURITIZATION FUND", covering 6.91% of the market. In the financial history of Armenia, it has been the first securitization of assets by a special fund. These are asset- backed securities (ABS). The managing company of the emitter "LOAN PORTFOLIO SECURITIZATION FUND I" is Capital Investment Company. The market maker of the issue is Converse Bank. The Fund's bonds first issue was made for a total amount of USA 1,132,800, comprising 11,328 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 100, coupon rate of 8.5% and maturity period of 36 months, while the second issue of bonds was made for a total amount of AMD 446,260,000, comprising 44,626 coupon bonds with nominal value of AMD 10,000, coupon rate of 15.0%, maturity period of 36 months.

Renesa Investment Company holds the 5th position. It has placed first two issues of USD and AMD bonds of Universal Credit organzaition Global Credit (Armenia) and covered 4.05% of the market. Particularly the issuing volume of USD bonds totaled 1 mln USD, nominal value of one bond- 100 USD, coupon payments made once in half a year, while the issuing volume of AMD bonds totaled 100 mln AMD, nominal value of one bond- 10 thousand AMD, coupon payments made quarterly. The bonds were placed on November 17, 2015.



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