300,000 US Dollars for Re-Branding of Armimpexbank /Armimpexbank – with new image/
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The media had covered the topic of the re-branding of Armimpexbank several times, where it was mentioned that, becoming affiliated to the leading Russian investment company Troika Dialog, Armimpexbank would enter the market as a new financial structure and with a completely new image.

Armimpexbank announced the re-branding tender in the beginning of the year, involving world famous advertising agencies. Bids were received from 12 participants: however, the British company Identicawas recognized as the winner.

Identica has solid experience in developing brands for various companies. It developed such internationally recognized brands as Vodafone, Orange, Reebok, Philip Morris, Aeroflot, Alfa Bank, Sobinbank, Pernod Ricard, Russky Standart, BAT, Levis, Paramount, Umbro, Unilever, Johnnie Walker, etc.

Armimpexbank provided USD 300,000 for re-branding; as a result thereof, the bank anticipated changing its name, brand and logo, adopting a new color scheme.

The new corporate style will extend to all aspects of our company’ activities, starting with the customer service hall of the bank, reception area, interior of branch offices and ending with the new Company webpage, which all will contain elements of the promotion campaign.

We are headed toward such serious re-positioning, targeted at our consumers and their interests. To achieve our plans, it is necessary that Armimpexbank stand close to its consumers.

The necessity of re-branding is explained by the new development strategy adopted by Armimpexbank. The bank has set an ambitious plan of reconstruction and achievements. The key parts of that plan include development of such B2B directions in the Armenian financial market as investment banking (dealing with assets of large enterprises; capital markets; corporate finances; asset management; mergers and acquisitions; merchant banking – private equity transactions, securities, promissory notes, etc);
Such financial instruments as factoring (assignment of accounts receivable) and leasing (financial lease), and activity associated with “non-professional” investments.

Retail banking services will constitute the additional portfolio of the company.

“A strong universal brand will grant an opportunity for us to create easy communication both inside Armenia (with companies of different origin) and abroad, when entering new markets”, said Artak Hanesyan, General Director of the bank.

In parallel, the bank plans to build a network of branches in Shirak, Lori and Syunik regions of Armenia and in NKR; install ATMs, to create the most comfortable servicing conditions possible, to the satisfaction of existing and potential clients. The selection of the aforementioned regions is determined by the key direction of our business: investment banking, which will develop in the mining and building/construction industries.

The short-term goal of our strategy is to succeed as an investment bank and in this sphere to take leading positions in the Armenian financial market.

The new ideology of the company, energized by the second wind, will include the principles of integration of winners, team spirit, creators of history, young, yet experienced professionals.

Armimpexbank has a business history of nearly one hundred years in the Armenian financial market, since 1910, and our industrious team will make the history continue.
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