Ameriabank launches brand-new mortgage loans
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Ameriabank offers new type of mortgage loans which are unprecedented in Armenia’s financial market. The bank has replenished its wide set of flexible mortgage loans (including home loans, commercial mortgage loans, land loans) with new types of loans.

The bank offers the following new types of mortgage loans:

1. Mortgage loans secured by deposits due to which the borrower can be confident that in the event of facing financial difficulties the deposit can be used to repay the loan. In this case (i) the down payment of the borrower becomes a bank deposit with Ameriabank and is considered cash collateral or (ii) an existing deposit of the borrower (as well as of a third party) with Ameriabank serves as collateral. The rest of the loan is secured by the real estate in question. Once the borrower redeems the part of the loan secured by the deposit amount, he will be able to manage the deposit amount freely. 

2. Mortgage loans secured by real estate other than the property to be purchased are designed for those who want to purchase real estate abroad or in those regions of Armenia where Ameriabank branches are not available. There are no restrictions as to the location of the real estate as long as the loan is secured by other property (not the real estate to be purchased) in Yerevan or in the regions where Ameriabank is represented. 

3. Mortgage loans secured by additional collateral are designed for those who do not have sufficient funds to make a down payment for a mortgage loan but have stabile income and real estate which may serve as additional collateral. For this type of loan the down payment is only 5%

With its new mortgage loans options Ameriabank is ready to meet the demands of most picky clients.

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