Ameriabank’s factoring transactions show fast paced growth
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Ameriabank continues to enhance factoring operations in the financial market. The number of Ameriabank’s clients who used factoring scheme during the first half of this year demonstrated an increase of 47%.

The total volume of receivables assigned to Ameriabank under the factoring scheme during the 1st half of this year recorded an increase of 32% Y-o-Y and 47% Q-o-Q. The total volume of financed transactions during the same period recorded an increase of 32% Y-o-Y and 48% Q-o-Q.

Starting from November 2010, Ameriabank offers to its clients classic (non-recourse) factoring scheme along with the standard factoring transactions. Under classic factoring the bank buys out the accounts payable by certain companies at a discount, provided such companies are included on the list approved by the bank. For information on the list which is regularly updated please visit

The number of non-recourse factoring transactions during this year showed high paced growth amounting to 34% of the total factoring portfolio by the midyear vs. 6% at the beginning of the year. The volume of non-recourse factoring transactions executed in Q2 grew by 11 times over the Q1 level.

The factoring scheme offers a number of benefits for the suppliers. First, it enables them to boost sales. Second, the risks associated with deferred payment or default by the buyer are transferred to the bank. The suppliers get an opportunity to collect and manage accounts receivable. Last, they may receive payment from the bank up front upon shipment of the goods/services rather than await the settlements with the buyer. At the same time the buyers take the advantage of benefiting from up to 4 months deferred payment scheme, boost purchase volumes, minimize the ordered product (service) delivery delays and the risk of receiving defective products, and speed up the turnover of funds.

Ameriabank cooperates with a vast variety of wholesale chains, major industrial businesses and public service providers under factoring scheme enabling the bank to offer tailor-made factoring solutions to its clients.

Ameriabank will continue active operation under factoring scheme by offering to its clients new factoring options, promoting international factoring transactions and enhancing the scope of factored industries. 
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