Ameriabank provides an opportunity to trade in securities in world’s 80 stock exchanges, via its remote terminal
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Ameriabank, consistent with its policy deriving from its strategy, is enlarging the scope of services offered, by introducing new solutions in the RA banking system and expanding opportunities for its clients to access international financial markets.

Currently Ameriabank introduces an unprecedented opportunity in the Armenian banking system: brokerage operations in the Armenian Stock Exchange, over-the-counter securities market as well as on various international specialized platforms via AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING system. Ameriabank is one of the few banks in the Armenian financial market to offer its clients investments with securities in the international markets, particularly, on the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India and other stock exchanges.

By opening a brokerage account with Ameriabank, the clients have access to the world’s largest stock exchange markets, such as NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, ARCA, CBOT, etc /USA/, Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange /Canada/, LSE, LSE International Order Book /United Kingdom/, Frankfurt Stock Exchange - FWB /Germany/, Vienna Stock Exchange -VSE /Austria/, Euronext Brussels Stocks, Nasdaq OMX Europe - NUROEN /Belgium/, Euronext France - SBF /France/, Swiss Exchange - SWX /Switzerland/, Borsa Italiana /Italy/, Bolsa de Madrid /Spain/, Tokyo Stock Exchange -TSE.JPN /Japan/, Hong Kong Stock Exchange - SEHK /China/, Australian Stock Exchange -ASX /Australia/. etc, in total, access to 80 largest stock exchanges in 19 countries of the world.

The client is enabled to trade in securities denominated in various national currencies and be continuously on track with the security quotes in global markets.

In addition to transactions by phone or via email, the clients also have an option to use the trading system, which offers a number of advantages. Through trading system, clients have an opportunity to execute round-the-clock transactions 365 days a year in more than 80 trading platforms around the world, while via phone or email this opportunity is limited to the bank’s working hours. Furthermore, the trading system presents a wide variety of trading tools with an option of margin trade which enables trading even with shortage of the required financial resources available at the time of executing transactions, as well as execution of short transactions without securities, thus benefiting from both upward and downward movement of securities’ prices. All these services are provided at very acceptable rates.

Ameriabank offers two types of trading platforms - AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING and WEB TRADER. Both platforms are compatible with more than 50 order types and the clients may choose between the two systems based on their individual needs.

Traders who prefer a clean and simple interface can use the WEB TRADER, which enables them to execute transactions via internet. The platform makes the trade account available to the client in any part of the globe and facilitates transactions, access to market quotes as well as the process of monitoring the account in real time regime.

AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING platform represents a software package which optimizes trading speed and transaction efficiency with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface as well as real-time account balance and activity monitoring. The system also provides additional options, including various tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING is a multi-functional platform that supports trading with various financial instruments quoted in the international markets.

By introducing brokerage operations, Ameriabank provides new opportunities for the public, enabling them to perform round-the-clock trading in the world’s well-known stock exchanges and trading platforms. 
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