Ameriabank continues to come up with up-to-date projects
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Ameriabank continues to come up with up-to-date projects in the Armenian financial market addressing the needs conditioned by the current economic situation. This time the bank introduced new, unprecedented flexible terms and conditions for time deposits of legal entities, arising from the businesses’ task to use resources accurately. Today, in most cases, vendors do not provide deferred payment opportunities, and buyers fail to meet their liabilities in time, cash flows become unpredictable. Therefore, a need for a system ensuring efficient allocation of cash resources arises, providing an opportunity to direct funds where required, at any time, and to increase the efficiency of the use of funds as well. New terms and conditions for time deposits of legal entities ensure an unprecedented flexible scale of deposit terms and amounts, with adequate interest rates and the opportunity to increase or reduce the deposit amount in the effective period, as needed. Interest rates of deposits in AMD, depending of the term and amount of the deposit, may reach as high as 11% annually; and the annual interest rate of USD or EUR deposits is as high as 6%.  In cases where the deposit amount is over AMD 500 mln, or over 500,000 USD or EUR, the bank determines interest rates individually.

We would like to mention that in Ameriabank, time deposits made by legal entities increased by 7.2 times as of 28.02.09, compared with the same indicator for the same period of the previous year, and recorded a 47.8% increase in two months of the current year.

Updated 25.07.2009, 11:22
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