Ameriabank launches an innovative product on the financial market of the RA
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Committed to the underlying principles of its strategy Ameriabank again brings innovations into the financial market of the RA. This time Ameriabank offers a unique product unparalleled for the local financial market. The product is designed to meet both the needs of legal entities and individuals. 

For the first time in Armenia the depositor may enter the international markets and earn returns depending on the movements in the oil and gold price, Dow Jones index and other assets. The product ensures capital protection and fixed income notwithstanding market volatility. 

The new product that opens a gateway to the variety of advantages is the structured deposit with a minimum principal of USD 40 000. 

The income that may be generated by the structured deposit has two components. The first component, i.e. primary income, comprises returns on the traditional bank deposit with a fixed interest rate. The second component is the additional income earned on the basis of performance of the underlying asset on the international markets. The structured deposit may be linked to the oil and gold prices, Dow Jones index, etc. The additional income is defined part of the income generated as a result of pre agreed price performance of the asset linked to the deposit. It is calculated based on the participation rate which the bank defines on a day-to-day basis and fix on the date of deposit origination. The participation rate calculation enables the bank to manage its risks related to the structured products. While the fixed interest rate ranges between 1 and 5 % at the client’s discretion, the bank determines the participation rate for the given asset based on the fixed rate. 

The structured deposit gives an opportunity to earn income even in case of adverse movements in the asset price, which will be equal to the prime income. 

The bank offers two kinds of structured deposits: “On Growth” and “On Fall”. The “On Growth” deposit is an instrument which earns additional income if the rise in the price of the assets linked to the deposit ensures higher income than the fixed income. The “On Fall” deposit income has a reverse relationship to the underlying asset price. In both cases the depositor has an opportunity to gain both primary and additional income as defined under the deposit agreement. 
The structured deposit offers the depositors an unparalleled opportunity to enter the international markets and gain high returns without exposure to market risks. 
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