Ameriabank Sees Steady Increase in Client Base
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Ameriabank is steadily strengthening its positions in the financial market and the sustainable increase of the bank’s clientele is the evidence of this. The client base of Ameriabank recorded an increase of 57 % over 2009, and by the yearend the bank had 13114 clients in total. The growth rate for the corporate clients was 66.9%, and that for individuals was 55.3%. This is most impressive since according to the data published by the National Statistical Service of RA the banking industry of the RA reported only 11.9 % increase in the clientele for 2009, where increase in number of legal entities made 16.0 %, and that of individuals was 11.7 %.
It should be stated that 31 of top 100 taxpayers of Armenia are active clients of Ameriabank.
Despite the corporate and investment profile of Ameriabank, it developed a wide banking product mix for its retail clients, which is constantly updated with innovations. The staff of the corporate clients of the bank may access the services designed for the individuals under preferential terms. All this triggered an increase in the number of retail clients of the bank to 89.4 % of the total clientele.
The number of bank accounts with Ameriabank demonstrated an impressive increase of 79.7 % over 2009, the accounts of corporate clients having grown by 67.9 %, and those of individuals by 82.2 %. It is interesting to note that the growth rate for the number of total bank accounts in Armenian banking sector was 11.3 % only, the number of corporate bank accounts recorded an increase of 11.0 %, and the growth rate for the individuals’ bank accounts was 11.4 %.
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