Risk management policy is a key element of the bank’s internal control system. Risk management system is an interconnected and integrated system. Risk management policy is subject to Ameriabank Board of Directors’ approval. The Risk Management Center is in charge of elaboration of the risk management policy, structure and implementation thereof. Internal Audit Service is in charge of assessing the bank’s risk management system efficiency and reporting to the bank’s Management and Board of Directors.

Recognizing that its operations can have direct and indirect impacts on the environment (ecology) and social aspects of the community, the Bank has set an objective to demonstrate maximum responsibility while managing its environmental and social risks so as to mitigate their impact on the environment, its partners and other stakeholders and ensure long-term shareholder returns. 

The mentioned process aims at (i) identification and prevention of factors and events having adverse impact on the bank’s activity, (ii) management of risks inherent thereto and (iii) ongoing control over the bank’s acceptable limit of risks. The Bank’s risk management policy is based on the following principles:

 Implementation of a unified risk management system

 Formation of a proactive risk management position

 Execution of transactions based on the most precise risk assessment and management efficiency.

 Ensuring risk measurability, setting limits for transactions, monitoring, etc.


Credit risk is the risk of loss of loans or other assets, which is likely to occur when the counterparty is unable or unwilling to meet an obligation. Subject to minimum requirements of credit risk management the bank defines its target markets, including the acceptable types of lending, benchmark structure, profitability and maturity of loan portfolio, credit limits per amount, term, interest rate and types of the loan and forms of control over the pledged collateral, etc.





Market risk is the risk/probability of losses in investment value influenced by market factors. Market risks include price risks, interest rate risks and currency risks.
Ameriabank manages the market risks by defining ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘VaR’ limits aimed at mitigating interest rate risks. The bank clearly defines also the objectives and strategy of investment activities by setting limits as per the security rating.





Operational risk is the risk of loss resulting from failure or malfunctioning of internal processes and systems; human factor, or external events.

The bank’s management at all structural levels is responsible for identification and management of operational risks.


We manage the internal operational risks through

 clear and documented description of all business-processes, 
 elaboration of internal legal acts regulating the business processes, 
 definition of relevant limits for all business processes and operations, 
 application of four-eyes principle for each and any transaction executed by the bank, 
 definition of the reporting mechanism, frequency and types of reports, etc.



Ameriabank CJSC has adopted the best international practice of environmental and social risk management and is committed to ensure that its clients, too, properly comply with environmental and social obligations. Ameriabank CJSC has introduced an Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy which defines the Bank’s commitment in sustainable financial development as an integral part of corporate governance.

The key elements of environmental and social risk management system are: 

 Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy

 Environmental and Social Risk Management Instruction

 Tools required for introduction and implementation of the process


 The Bank has an environmental and social coordinator, environmental and social risk management specialist(s) who is(are) responsible for implementation and daily operation of the system. 



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