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Երաշխիքներ, Банковская гарантия, Bank Guarantee

Ameriabank offers bank guarantees to secure
successful consummating of your transactions. A Bank guarantee is a written commitment issued by the bank upon request of one of the parties to transaction, whereby the bank undertakes to pay a specified sum to the beneficiary in cases envisaged by the guarantee.

 At your request the Bank will also issue an indirect/confirmed guarantee in which case a foreign partner bank issues a guarantee in favor of the beneficiary against the counter-guarantee of the Bank.

Advantages of Bank Guarantee:

  • Economical: bank guarantees are quite cost-saving as compared with bank loans
  • Safe: reduction of risks inherent in transaction

Երաշխիքներ, Банковская гарантия, Bank Guarantee


The bank undertakes to reimburse the advance payment to the buyer, if the seller fails to perform the contractual obligations.


This is a guarantee whereby the bank provides financial remedy to the beneficiary in the event the seller/service provider fails to perform the contractual obligations in due manner.


This guarantee serves to recover expenses incurred by the organizer of tender, if the contract winner refuses to execute it and a new tender is announced.


Payment guarantee ensures execution of payment under the underlying transaction.


A special type of guarantee issued in favor of customs service to secure payment of customs dues.



Standby documentary credit is a bank guarantee issued in the form of a Letter of Credit to cover potential risk of failure to meet liabilities.


Երաշխիքներ, Банковская гарантия, Bank Guarantee


The bank guarantee is issued:

based on the funds deposited by the client,

if secured by collateral (for additional details please visit the loans page).



When applying for a loan, make an informed decision


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