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Want to hedge against currency risks by storing your funds in different currencies? Ameriabank offers you metal accounts with paper gold as a perfect alternative.

Everyone knows the true value of gold. Time is gold and gold is timeless.

Metal account is designed to take record of and deal in your paper gold. The only data required for opening the account are the karat and weight of gold.
Metal accounts enable you not only to diversify your savings but also to benefit from a number of advantages:

1. Metal account vs. multicurrency savings
  • Earn on rise in global price for gold
  • Less impact of exchange rate volatilities
2. Paper gold vs. tangible gold
  • Protection from falsifications inherent to trading in tangible gold
  • Saving the time
  • No risk of loss or impairment!
  • Highly liquid: you may sell the gold to the bank at any time at the effective rate.
3. In addition, you will be able to invest without any limitations in time and amount.

Terms and Conditions
  • Available for individuals and corporate clients
  • Opened only for gold of 999.9 purity
  • No minimum deposit required
  • Paper gold recorded in grams to two decimal places
  • Crediting of the account either by buying paper gold from the bank or transferring it from other metal accounts
  • Debiting of account either by selling the paper gold to the bank at the ruling rate or transferring it to other accounts
  • No physical handling of gold
  • Trading in paper gold based on your order containing the essential transaction details (price, timing and weight)
  • Transactions based on gold trading rates per 1 g as established by the bank
  • Free intra-bank transfers through metal accounts; negotiable terms for transfers to other Armenian banks and overseas




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