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If you are engaged in international trade there are several issues that you can face in your way, such as:
  • The risk of reliability of the partner
  • presence of many specific risks for both the importer/buyer and exporter/seller,
  • lack of financial resources for execution of transactions.
To assure your business Ameriabank offers you Letter of Credit.

This service will help you overcome obstacles in international trade, expand the scope of your business, build new, stable relations and ensure protection of your interests in international trade transactions.




What is a Letter of Credit?
A Letter of Credit (LC) is a bank undertaking at the request of the buyer, to pay a named beneficiary/seller/ a specified amount of money if the beneficiary presents documents in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the letter of credit.
At your request, the Bank will also issue a confirmed Letter of Credit, whereby the bank that confirms the issuer’s undertaking, assumes that undertaking as its own.  




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