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Terms of Letter of Credit

Eligible currencies are Armenian drams (AMD), Russian rubles (RUB), US dollars (USD), euros (EUR). Other currencies are negotiable.

LC amount is subject to:

  • the regulatory standards defined by the Central Bank of Armenia
  • transaction value
  • Client’s credit limit approved by the Bank


The term of LC is subject to: 

  • term of the underlying transaction
  • term of the credit limit approved for the client


1. LCs in favor of the Client (Export LC)
1.1. Advising of LC or advising of amendment of LC
AMD 20,000
1.2. Drafting of LC text and negotiation of LC terms
AMD 20,000 (VAT included)
1.3. Examination of documents
AMD 35,000
1.4. Confirmation of LC by Ameriabank
1.5. Discount/financing by Ameriabank under the LC
1.6. Execution (payment, acceptance and negotiation) of the issued LC
0.5%, minimum AMD 50,000
1.7. Transfer of LC*
0.15% per quarter** (charged upfront (lump sum) for the whole validity term), minimum AMD 40,000 for the whole validity term 
1.8. Execution of the reimbursement instruction of the issuer
1.9. Payment under reimbursement instruction
AMD 50,000
2. LCs issued by Client’s order (Import LC)
2.1. Issuance of non-confirmed LC*
0.15% per quarter** (charged upfront (lump sum) for the whole validity period), minimum AMD 40,000 for the whole validity term***
2.2. Issuance of LC with confirmation of other banks 
0.15% per quarter** (charged upfront (lump sum) for the whole validity period), minimum AMD 40,000 for the whole validity term, confirmation: negotiable
2.3. Amendment, including cancellation, of LC
AMD 35,000. In case of extension of LC validity period or increase of LC amount, an additional LC issuance fee shall be charged pro rata the increased amount/extended period.
2.4. Payment or acceptance under LC
0.1%, minimum AMD 7,500, maximum AMD 50,000
2.5. Examination of documents "without discrepancies"
AMD 35,000
2.6. Examination of documents “with discrepancies”
USD 120 or equivalent in the transaction currency, payable by beneficiary

Commissions of other banks (other than confirmation), postal/communication costs are charged as per actual amount.
*In case of termination of LC before the due date the commission is not refundable.
**Incomplete quarter stands for a full one.
***In case of issuance within a credit limit an additional fee will be charged as pre-agreed.




The bank makes a final decision on LC issuance maximum within 10 (ten) business days upon receipt of the complete set of documents. 


Why your application might be rejected:

  • The information (documents and other data) is not trustworthy or complete. 
  • The client has overdue and/or non-performing liabilities (including those to the third parties), etc.


LC is issued after execution of the security agreement required by the Bank’s decision. Furthermore, in case of pledge of property, LC is issued after proper fulfillment of the following conditions precedent: (i) execution of security agreements pursuant to the legislation of RA, such agreements prepared in form and substance satisfactory to the Bank, (ii) insurance of the collateral (upon the Bank’s request) by an insurance company cooperating with the Bank, (iii) fulfillment of other terms of LC issuance by the client. 


Eligible currencies are US dollars (USD) and euros (EUR). Other currencies are negotiable.


LC is approved at the Bank’s head office, and is issued via SWIFT system.


Payment under the LC is made by the Bank only subject to LC terms and conditions and international rules and regulations based on duly submitted documents, irrespective of the actual relationship betweeen the client and their partner at the time of the payment.


Penalty for non-payment of LC fees and commissions when due: 0.13%, accrued to outstanding amount for each day overdue

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