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Be a part of something big; it’s inspiring! 
A place where you're challenged to do and to be the best, where professional and bright people collaborate, innovate and make a valuable impact with their hard work, where you feel free, appreciated and proud. 
Within Ameriabank, change and progress are the main constants. Being one of the leading financial institutions in the market we highly value Human Capital and the established unique system for staff development and growth within our dream team. 
We do believe that our success depends on our talents, particularly, their high level of personal responsibility, drive and leadership. 

With years of experience, facing the toughest challenges and gaining benefits from its greatest opportunities, we strive to come up with the best financial solutions that are simple, yet creative. 
Who we look for?

There are several aspects we consider while looking for new talents to join our team:

  • Trust and responsibility

Mutual trust and responsibility are essential for us in order to execute managerial functions of our business properly and efficiently. These two aspects generate commitment; commitment fosters teamwork; and teamwork delivers the greatest results. Together, we can do first-class business in a first-rate way.

  • Innovative approach

We look for people who are open to face challenges, who are innovative and keen on discovering something new and interesting.

  • Problem-solving skills

This requires not only strong intellectual abilities and consistency, but also good and practical sense of what works and what does not work in a specific field

  • Respect and openness

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated. We succeed as our team is made up of people that have different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, who possess different views and approaches, yet at the same time share the same values and devotions for improving something drastically.

Talented people, innovative minds and great achievements. These are our key success factors. 
We are fastidious, responsible, and we strive for developing long-term partnerships based on the sense of trust.. We strongly believe that cultures of high productivity and high responsibility are tightly interconnected. In addition to that, we encourage open communication within the team at every level of organization. We value diverse opinions and acknowledge individual contribution.
For more information on the corporate ethics of Ameriabank, visit the following link 



Becoming a part of Ameriabank means that you enter a professional community, which allows exposure to the world class best practices.

People and Culture: Our key to success as an organization is our passion and dedication in what we do. We work in an environment, which constantly facilitates the establishment of supportive relationships and a true sense of learning community.
Development and Career: You are the driver of your career. We provide training and development opportunities to enhance your skills and enrich your knowledge. In return, we ask for your loyalty, honesty and hard work, which will eventually lead you to your dream. 
Professional environment: Our position as one of the leading companies in its field allows us to recruit high performing individuals from a multitude of backgrounds. Our diversity supports us in facing everyday challenges. 
Social responsibility: We do make genuine efforts to increase our impact within the social community. We care about the environment we live in and we aim to make it an even better place both for us and for the generations to come. 
Integrity and Ownership: We develop trust with clients through our high-quality services and products, we earn trust from our employees through meritocracy and we receive trust in the team through our employees’ integrity.
Challenge and Innovation: We operate in a competitive market and hence, we need solid players, who can succeed in a team, handle large scale projects and face ambitious challenges. 


How to Apply
As a leading company, we receive numerous applications for each available vacancy. This section of the site aims to give you an overview of the application process, including typical timescales.

Professional positions

Educational programs

  • Generation A
  • Internship program
Reserve base

If you want to send your details to be included in database, you should fill in application form, enclose CV and send to
Note: database applications are being reviewed every 6 months period depending on possible vacancies.

Your Application
We are eager to get complete information about you, which will help us in making the right assessment of your skills and experience, as well as in feeling your uniqueness. In this regard, we ask you to fill out the application carefully, by paying attention to all the required fields. You may also send us a cover letter, your resume (CV), work references, etc.
Your Assessment
We receive a huge number of applications for each position. All applications are being screened in detail, according to position requirements. Based on the screening we develop a short-list of the best applications and arrange interviews. Generally, we run two stages of interview focusing on the background, knowledge, core competencies and skills of the applicant. In addition, some online assessment tests might be proposed depending on position requirements. Before the process begins we will let you know the selection stages you will be going through. By the end of your interview, you will be informed regarding the next steps - so that you will know when to expect a response. 


Things to be noted
If your application is shortlisted and you are invited for an interview, we expect you to follow the rules listed below:

  •  Be on time. Strict time is set for interviewing each candidate, so please keep the schedule organized by being punctual. If you are late or not able to attend the interview, please contact our Recruitment and Onboarding Team beforehand.
  • Be open and engaged. We appreciate your honesty, dedication and energy. Be fully involved during the interviewing process. Additionally, be open to ask any relevant questions to obtain more information before answering the question to its full extent. 
  • Be informed. It’s highly appreciated, when you know what kind of company we are and what value you may invest in it. 

Also, please note that: 

  • Any information provided by applicants is confidential and will only be viewed by our Recruitment and Onboarding team in case there are vacant positions. 
  • Personal visits without preliminary appointment are not welcomed 
  •  If you have applied for a vacancy, there is no need to check the status of your application by making numerous phone calls. Our Recruitment and Onboarding team will contact you in case you are shortlisted.

Whether you are already a professional or just a(rookie), if you feel you want to make a change and do something valuable, you will definitely find your place and mission in Ameria Dream Team. 



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